Toby Smith

Toby Smith, 34, is a contemporary photojournalist based in Cambridge and works internationally on projects concerning landscape, environment, industrial and science stories.

His focus now lies on large-scale photography and research projects for editorial publication, exhibition, communication and advocacy, however he also spends a large portion of his career working with commercial brands and agencies on commissions.

Toby was the Artist in Residence of the University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute for 2015/16, and continues to be professionally associated with the university for 2016/17 academic year.

He embraces a range of traditional photography and innovate video techniques tailored to the subject matter. Moving between large format photography for exhibition and print, full production video for broadcast and also Ultra HD Time Lapse or animation for web and new-media usage. Toby also has a special interest in the online mapping and geo-location of his research leading to grants from National Geographic, The Royal Photographic Society and partnerships with NGOs on numerous field trips.

His work is exhibited internationally and published by the world’s leading editorial publications include (National Geographic, Sunday Times Magazine, TIME, Fortune, The New York Times, Guardian, etc). Broadcast credits include the BBC Natural History Unit, Al Jazeera, Sky News, BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service. Key exhibitions and awards include the V & A Gallery, The Barbican and PDN 30.

Notable projects include a study of hydroelectricity and landscape in Scotland, renewable energy technology across China and India, illegal logging and mining in Madagascar, a review of the worldwide commercial space industry and walking the entire proposed London to Birmingham rail line. He is also a frequent collaborator with the Unknown Fields Division.

Toby’s extensive list of qualifications to operate on industrial sites, at height, offshore on rigs, to fly in helicopters over water, etc put him in a truly unique position for working with heavy industry in particular, for someone of his extensive creative talent.

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